Jeanette Groenendaal & Zoot Derks, with Jennifer Willet


[11-channel video installation]


Paul Vanouse: “We are not even interested in cells, we are interested in DNA. DNA is not living, right? Biology is about the study of life itself. We are beyond the study of life itself, if anything, we’ve grown kind of unconcerned with that, and what we are really fascinated with are these micro-bodies these micro molecules, inside of living things. So we have gone back to a kind of…I think we have left ‘biology’ at this point.”
Melenti Pandilovsk: “Bio-Tech-Arts is this special field, which enables us to grasp, enter another field, very significant, which is called bio-politics.”

BioARTCAMP was a camping expedition where 20 international artists, scientists, filmmakers, and students worked to build a portable bioart laboratory in Banff National Park.



Jeanette Groenendaal and Zoot Derks (NL) are artists and videographers; deep field researchers in the mediation of the intersection of arts and sciences. They operate between autonomous and commissioned works and interfere as directors on the set, demanding the wearing of costumes, focus on personal portraits and personal politics and motivation behind the works of art in science.
Dr. Jennifer Willet (CA) is an internationally successful artist in the emerging field of BioArt. Her work resides at the intersection of art and science, and explores notions of representation, the body, ecologies, and interspecies interrelations in the biotechnological field.