12-hours at A Modern Body Festival:

The day will be broken into 2 parts. From 13-18h, the exhibition, which will be spread throughout our extraordinary location, will be open for viewing, exploring and experiencing. You will receive a map of the venue, and invited to navigate throughout the building discovering different installations and screenings, as well as the building’s particular architecture and features. The artists presenting work in the afternoon will be: Barbara Ellison, Chaja Hertog & Nir Nadler, Kaisu Koski, Ludmila Rodrigues, Mike Rijnierse, Jeanette Groenendaal & Zoot Derks, and Stelios Manousakis, Tivon Rice & Nico Varchausky. The lecture by Sonia Cillari will also take place during the day session, and guided tours will be offered by founders Stephanie and Stelios, for people interested in more insight into the exhibition’s framing.

From 18-20h, we will break for dinner (a simple dinner at a special nearby re-purposed villa is being arranged for those who reserve a place!! – details to follow!).

From 20-01h, the evening’s performances will take place in our performance space. There will be no conflicting time-slots, no choices of one over another to make, no running from one place to another. We will experience the evening’s events communally, with breaks between each set. The evening’s performances will be from Francisco López & Valentina Lacmanović, Alberto Novello, and Center no Distractor.

A bar offering drinks and snacks will be open the entire day.