Mike Rijnierse & Ludmila Rodrigues

Room K24

[Site-specific installation]

created for A Modern Body Festival



Reports from sensory deprivation experiences have demonstrated the appearance of hallucinogenic visions or of highly pleasant states of consciousness that are still to be assessed. In Room K24 visitors are taken through an orchestration of stimuli that are carefully composed, with aural, olfactory, tactile and proprioceptive inputs. Instead of depriving the senses, the piece invites the public to depart on an introspective journey. Inside the room, time and space have no objective reference. A series of sensations will instigate the reset the of the visitor’s body. One visitor allowed at a time. Visit takes 8 minutes.



Mike Rijnierse is an artist known for his large scale light and sound installations, where the public gets incorporated in the piece. His research is based on the interaction between media and the senses. Mike’s installations are often new instruments in which new languages are developed for acoustic and optic-acoustic observation. In his work the behavior of space, passers by, users, machines, infrastructure and so on, are interpreted as parameters. These living processes are used as musical score for his compositions.

Ludmila Rodrigues is an artist with a background in Architecture, creating spaces, situations and devices to choreograph the public. For 5 years, she’s been researching on the body of the audience. Through this theme she investigates ways of activating the audience, enhancing collective, playful and multi sensory experience. Sometimes working as set, costume and graphic designer, Ludmila collaborates with a number of artists and artistic initiatives in The Hague, such as Quartair and CLOUD/Danslab. She has exhibited and performed in several occasions, such as in TodaysArt 2013, in the ‘Winter Anti Depression Show’ at Marres House for Contemporary Culture (Maastricht, 2014) and the ‘Deepest Sense’ Symposium at the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam, 2014).