Between 4-11 December, find us at:
Paviljoen Baruch: Exhibition

4-11 December: Extended exhibition (at Paviljoen Baruch)
2 & 3 December:  Exhibition, performances

29 November  –  1 December:  Workshops, symposium


Modern Body Festival is an intermedia initiative based in The Hague, founded and curated by artists. Our 2nd biennial edition is a 5-day event, taking place from November 29 to December 3 2016 in various re-purposed spaces in the city.

Modern Body Festival strives to examine the nature of our current existence through the perspective of the ‘modern body’. With this year’s theme: I/WE/THEY, we examine the social body, and explore the cultural borders of a globalized world.

Modern Body Festival x DEZACT x NTUST: artist-architect teams introduction

We are very excited to announce our 5 amazing artist/architect teams for our double 2016 edition in The Hague (Modern Body Festival) and Taipei (Space Media Festival)! Watch an introduction…