Kaisu Koski

Not to scale at all
Local/global anesthetics II
Blood test

[Video art]




Not to scale at all [2014]
The animation explores medical students’ drawings of the female reproductive system, employing the anatomical drawings created by 63 first-year medical students in the Plymouth University Peninsula Schools of Medicine and Dentistry. It considers the drawings as part of a ritual of becoming a doctor, taboo-like topic related to sex, as well as self-portraits of the female students creating the images. Additionally, the animation rethinks the relationship between the data analysis and dissemination in arts-based research projects, by introducing a dialogic way to examine the drawing data.

Local/global anesthetics II [2009]
The video  illustrates the interaction between the body and synthetic medicine.

Blood test [2007]
Clinical thriller on the border of the body interior and exterior.

The Clinical Body

Kaisu Koski’s work explores the clinical aspect of the body – less in actual physical extension (prosthetics and the like), but rather in an intimate sense, exploring one’s personal notion of the body, with a clinical eye. This contradiction is beautifully expressed in the videos to be presented at Modern Body Festival.



Kaisu Koski is a Finnish artist and researcher, based in the Netherlands. She graduated from the Faculty of Art and Design in the University of Lapland and the Amsterdam School of the Arts, receiving training in media and performance art. In 2007 Kaisu, earned her doctoral degree by defending her dissertation on interactive performances in the University of Lapland. Her art practice is intertwined with academic research, focusing on the dialogue between art and medicine, and the methodology of arts-based research. Between 2011-2013 she conducted a postdoctoral research project, funded by the Academy of Finland, in cooperation with Leiden University. This project explored the various representations of the body in medical education. Kaisu is currently affiliated with the HKU University of the Arts Utrecht.