Impressions from Modern Body Laboratory #1

We are very pleased to share photos and a video excerpt from the inaugural edition of our new platform, Modern Body Laboratory. The symposium Alan Turing: Artificial Intelligence and Immortality was very inspiring and left us with much to discuss! Many thanks to everyone who joined us, to our excellent panelists – Bennie Mols, Georg Hobmeier, Mirjam Van Reisen, Pieter van Engelen – and to our colleagues at Artek Foundation for this very engaging and thought-provoking event!

Photos and video by Madhouse Heaven.

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About Modern Body Laboratory

Modern Body Laboratory is a new platform from Modern Body Festival. The events will showcase local makers and explore emerging themes and ideas in preparation for our next biennial edition. This year’s Modern Laboratory themes are:
• Artificial Intelligence as a modern body
• Discovering Post-Relational Aesthetics

More events to follow this winter 2018, so please stay tuned!

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