Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris (UK/GR): Quicklime

Modern Body Festival proudly presents the Dutch premiere of Quicklime!

Quicklime is an invitation to dive into the remnants of an ecosystem inhabited by “standing swimmers” suspended in a space-time continuum. The rarefied landscape is a situation of inertia that suggests the moment right before the beginning or the end of an event. The durational performance/ human installation is based on a cybernetic system that follows its own set of rules to evolve gradually – almost unperceivably to the alien eyes – into the soundscape of a posthuman vivarium. The “I” in Quicklime is collective, as the ecology of the landscape is fueled by the synergy of the elements that define it: the performers, the audience and the media. The duration of the event is 4 hours during which the audience can come and go as they wish.

Concept/ direction: Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris (UK/GR)
Assistant director: M. Eugenia Demeglio (UK/IT)
Text: Heiner Muller, Nikos Ioakeim
Devised with and performed by: M. Eugenia Demeglio (UK/IT), Nikos Ioakeim (NL/GR), Katerina Konstantourou (NL/GR), Nikos Antonopoulos (GR), Goncalo Almeida (NL/PT), Friso Van Wijk (NL), Arthur Leadbetter (UK), Theresa Elflein (UK/DE).

Durational performance / human installation with audience-interactive/participatory aspects.

2 & 3 December

2 Dec, 16:00-20:00
3 Dec, 14:00-18:00

De Nieuwe Regentes




Thanos Polymeneas Liontiris

 Thanos Polymeneas-Liontiris (UK/GR) is a composer, performer and sound artist. His practice comprises computer-aided compositions, interactive audiovisual installations and music for dance, theatre and multimedia performances. His works have been commissioned by among others: the Greek National Theatre, Dutch Institute of Architecture, and the Greek Festival of Ancient Drama. He obtained two BA degrees in Double Bass, and in Electronic Music Composition from Rotterdam Conservatoire, while following courses at the Institute of Sonology and at IRCAM. He has two MAs both with distinction, one in Art and Technology and the other in Creative Education. In 2012 he became fellow of the UK Higher Education Academy. Since 2010, Thanos has had teaching positions in different universities in the UK (Falmouth, Sussex). Currently he is an AHRC-funded researcher at University of Sussex. He is also founding member of the Dutch artists collective Apes Container.