Karel van Laere (NL): SLow | Largo

Largo and SLow is a short-film performance diptych, showing the defenseless human body surrounded by machines, systems, people and landscapes in two vastly different environments – the Netherlands and Taiwan. Karel noticed that in Taiwan, like in other Asian countries, there are strict rules people (have to) live by, and that these rules cannot be easily put aside. Slowly but imperturbably, the boy in SLow follows his own path, marking the contrast between the path of the vulnerable human body and the hectic world surrounding it. Largo is inspired by an intense preliminary survey research and by interviewing two people who live their lives completely paralyzed. Using an electric winch Karel drags himself in an even pace through the Dutch urban and industrial landscape, echoing his travel through the streets of Taipei.

2016, The Netherlands

2013, Taiwan

2 short film performances


2 & 3 December


Paviljoen Baruch (Gemak)



Largo | Director & Performer: Karel van Laere
DoP: Freek Zonderland & Mink Pinster
Line Producer: Jordi Wijnalda & Pascalle Kok
Sound Design: Frank Wienk
Editing: Peter van Til

Grading: Fernando Rodrigues
Coaching: Marcel Roijaards

SLow | Director, Performer: Karel van Laere

DoP: 李少哲
Line Producer: 凌瑋隆
Assistence: 莊皓巖 & Trixie Ballesteros

Karel van Laere - portrait by Hessel Waalewijn
Karel van Laere (photo by Hessel Waalewijn)

Karel van Laere makes both video art and live performances. In his work, the central theme is made up through the opposition of human movement to mechanical movement. Using electric hoists, van Laere shows the helplessness of the human body. From his work one can distil the ambition to amaze the viewer with new perspectives and different ways of seeing. With his video artwork “Impact” he won in 2013 the first prize at the Taoyuan Contemporary Art Award in Taiwan. In November 2014 Karel van Laere was awarded the “Piket Art Prize” for young artists in the category of theater. After graduating as a performer at the Maastricht Theatre Academy in 2012, Van Laere continued his education at the Taipei National University of the Arts in Taiwan.