Past events

In the end of 2019 (20-21 Dec) Modern Body organized Sensing Sound, a sound art exhibition exploring augmented sound perception through participatory and interactive works. The exhibition was part of Musical Utopias #2: A festival of Sonic Embrace organized by Ensemble Klang and Korzo Theater.

Our 3rd biennial edition, Modern Body Festival 2018: ALIEN BODIES took place at several repurposed locations in The Hague in Oct 26-28 and Nov 2-3 2018. It explored the alien in all of us through an exhibition, performances, symposium and late night events.

In winter 2017-18, we introduced the Modern Body Laboratory series (MBL), a new platform showcasing locally active makers and exploring emerging themes and ideas in preparation for our next biennial. The first two Laboratories pivoted around two related concepts: ‘Artificial Intelligence as a Modern Body’ and ‘Discovering Post-Relational Aesthetics’.

Our second biennial edition, Modern Body Festival  2016: I/WE/THEY (Nov-Dec 2016, The Hague) explored the notion of the social body. It expanded beyond the self to investigate how we form bonds and groups, how we position ourselves as individuals and how we find a sense of belonging in a globalized society.

For our 2nd biennial edition we collaborated with DEZACT architecture platform (TW/UK). Together we also initiated, co-curated, and co-produced a sister festival in Taipei, Taiwan: Space Media Festival 2016: I/WE/THEY (Aug-Sept 2016).

Our inaugural biennial, Modern Body Festival 2014: Art as research through experience (Oct 2014, The Hague), introduced our concept of the ‘modern body’. It explored how we experience the world around us from a first-person perspective, our relationship to technology, and its effects on our understanding of our own bodies.

Our past events featured:

A.lter S.essio (JP/FR) • Alberto Novello (IT/NL) • Alcaeus Spyrou (AL/GR/NL) • Alina Ozerova (RU/NL) • Arthur Elsenaar (NL) • Atau Tanaka (US/UK) • Barbara Ellison (IE/NL) • Bennie Mols (NL) • Borden Tseng (TW) • Center no Distractor (US/GR/NL) • Chaja Hertog (NL) • Christina Dahdaleh (JO/UK) • Clive Eveleigh (UK/TW) • Cocky Eek (NL) • DJ Dave (NL) • DJ Gijs (NL) • DJ Yiannis (GR/NL) • Doreen Bernath (UK/TW) • Enfant Terrible (NL) • Erdem Taşdelen (TR/CA) • Francisco López (ES/NL) • Gerri Jäger (AT/NL) • Georg Hobmeier (AT) • Ivan Henriques (BR/NL) • Jeanette Groenendaal (NL) • Jen-Hwang Ho (TW) • Jennifer Willet (CA) • Jeroen van Ameijde (NL/UK) • Ji Youn Kang (KO/NL) • Julian Hetzel (DE/NL) • Julien Thomas (CA) • Kaisu Koski (FI/NL) • Karel van Laere (NL) • Kasper Toeplitz (PL/FR) • Kenzo Kusuda (JP/NL) • Ludmila Rodrigues (BR/NL) • Luis Rodil-Fernández (ES/NL) • Manuel Jiménez García (ES/UK) • Maria Molina Peiró (ES/NL) • Meinhardt Krauss Feigl (DE) • Meng-Chin Huang (TW) • Mike Rijnierse (NL) • Mirjam Van Reisen (NL) • Mischa Daams (NL) • Mo H. Zareei (IR/NZ) • Moritz Simon Geist (DE) • MURW/Floris van Bergeijk (NL) • Myriam Gourfink (FR) • Natalia Papaeva (RU/NL) • Nicolás Varchausky (AR) • Nimish Biloria (IN/NL) • Nir Nadler (IL/ NL) • Ping-Hsiang Chen (TW/UK) • Pete Harden (UK/NL) • Pieter van Engelen (NL) • Phill Toffer (NL) • Raviv Ganchrow (US/NL) • Rita Góbi (RS/HU) • Ryuji Yamaguchi (JP/JO) • Sabina Hyoju Ahn (KR/AT) • Satoru Sugihara (JP/US) • Sheng-Fen Nik Chien (TW) • Shih Wei-Chieh (TW) • Snackbar Smaakversterker Soundsystem (DE/NL) • Stefan ZMK (NL) • Stelios Manousakis (GR/NL) • Stephanie Pan (US/NL) • Thanos Polymeneas Liontiris (GR/UK) • The Constitute (DE) • Tivon Rice (US/NL) • Utopian Body (IT/CH) • Valentina Lacmanović (FR/HR/NL) • Vitaly Medvedev (RU/NL) • Weihaw Wang (TW/UK/JP) • Yolanda Uriz Elizalde (ES/NL) • Yu-Chuan Tseng (TW) • Zed Yung-Chieh Huang (TW) • Zois Loumakis (GR/NL) • Zoot Derks (NL) • ^ studio (RU/DE/CH)

Modern Body Festival 2014-2016 Catalogue

Below you can browse through images of our events between 2014-2016.