Stichting Modulus

Stichting Modulus (Modulus Foundation) is an interdisciplinary arts platform founded in 2014 by artists/performers/makers Stelios Manousakis and Stephanie Pan.

We focus on innovative, grassroots projects that engage the public, challenge and confront, ask questions, and offer a different outlook and philosophy on how we can exist in today’s society.
We are committed to engaging with the community at large, locally, nationally and internationally, and creating the space, time, and context for people to slow down and reflect.
We are also committed to investing in the future – independently or by collaborating with schools, universities, and organizations to offer alternative perspectives to the young generation.
Through our activities, we seek to bridge different worlds and publics, bringing together, for example, established contemporary art with the underground, audiences from disparate spheres and locations, diverse media and approaches.
Our goal is to create transformative experiences that resonate with our public long after – moving them viscerally, emotionally and mentally.